Elie Yabroudi

Elie Yabroudi, born in Damascus, Syria. He always had interests in films and theater.

In 2015, Elie participated in a Christmas play where he presented a smart, funny, little Philip who interacted with children from different ages.

After that he moved to Canada and start a new chapter of his life experiencing the new concept of being a refugee and overcoming all the struggles that a refuge can face in a new country and culture.

Working on his languages and adapting to a new lifestyle.

Elie was able to get back and focus on his passion, working on himself, developing his talent and taking multiple classes from acting to voice classes.

He was also able to participate in multiple workshops in Quebec.

In addition to his passion for acting, Elie loves working with children. When he was in Syria, he used to volunteer and participate in several events that served different age criteria.

Recently, he started to work for children again by joining the amazing team of Radio-Dodo as a new storyteller.

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